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Upcoming Journeys

01 Dec 2019
Do you aspire a full-time career in the field of Wildlife? The Journeys Wilderness Connect is your chance to attain all the direction and know-how you need
01 Dec 2019
Hornbill Festival in Nagaland is the best opportunity to witness the cultural diversity of the state. It is the best place to see and photograph the 16 Hornbill tribes of Nagaland.
12 Dec 2019
Kanha Tiger Reserve, India offers the best wildlife sighting opportunity. This tour is ideal for sighting wildlife- Tigers, Leopards, Sloth Bear and Wild Dogs.
12 Dec 2019
Tadoba Tiger Reserve, India offers the best Tiger sighting opportunity. This tour is ideal for wildlife sighting and nature photography.

Past Journeys

21 Nov 2019
Sunderbans in West Bengal, India offers the best opportunity to observe mangrove ecosystem. This tour increases the chances for sighting maximum species of birds and animals in the mangrove.
13 Oct 2019
Macro as a style of photography can be really experimented with. Club that with nature and you will create some very artistic and magical images.
06 Oct 2019
Dragonfly and Damselfly are a fascinating set of insects found the the Western Ghats and it needs a different level of skill set to get the best of their images. So join us for an in-depth workshop on photographing these insects this monsoon
04 Oct 2019
Goa Rain Forest Journeys covers monsoon flora and fauna of Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Tambsi Surla forest, Castle Rock and Mhadei Wildlife sanctuary. It offers the best opportunity to explore the rain forest of Western Ghats. This tour provides the best opportunity to sight endemic species like Vine snake, Saw-scaled viper, Hump-nosed pit viper, Malabar pit viper, Malabar Gliding frog,etc.