Ayaan Akkalkotkar | Bera Journeys

After seeing tons of leopard pictures on Facebook I wanted to go to bera to witness some myself. I was in luck since Journeys was organizing an exclusive 4 people tour to Bera. I signed up then and I am so glad I did. It was affordable short and successful 3 things anyone would look for while making a trip. The train journey was comfortable and short. The drive to Bera from Ahemdabad was a bit tiring and long but with the good company on the journey it seemed fine. The resort leopards’ lair was really nice with a good staff. The safaris were always a success we got daily leopard sightings and got some amazing shots. We identified 6 different leopards and tracked 3 of them daily. We even saw 2 hyenas on a walking trail at night. On the last day we took a flight back to Pune with satisfied looks on our faces. On a whole id highly recommend Bera to anyone who wants to see leopards and with journeys it’s a great experience. Not just being good hosts they were also great teachers and I don’t think anyone will be disappointed travelling with them.

Ayaan Akkalkotkar | Umred Karandhla

Another impulsive trip taken due to pictures uploaded of 5 tigers in one frame on Facebook. Being a person who travels regularly to Tadoba I was really excited to visit a new reserve in Maharashtra. We travelled by train that was a short comfortable journey. The drive from Nagpur to Umred is just an hour and half so much better than that to Tadoba, we reached our destination Bhaiji’s jungle resort, nothing fancy but still really good. The parks prey density is poor so game sighting is less however we are here for tigers right? 4 sub adult cubs were the main attraction of the park and we couldn’t get enough of them. Thanks to the great experience of Sushil we were able to track the tiger movement successfully. We were always at the right place at the right time and the pictures we got is all the proof one would need. Another great trip with journeys I highly recommend provided you have info regarding the sightings.

Nupur Pittie | Great Himalayan National Park Journeys

Bharat(my hubby) and me were planning to go for a trek in HP for our 14th year anniversary, thats when sushil suggested GHNP. I had not explored it and being a UNESCO heritage, I immediately said yes.....

Sushil organised a lovely home stay and a very well equipped team in Kullu for us. Our team provided us with all the necessary facilities, great food & perfect tents which made our trek comfortable & just added to the wonderful experience in the Lap of Nature.

Thank you for being a part of our memorable celebration.

Joy Ghosh | Ranthambhore Journeys

My cousin and me went on a tiger safari with Sushil to Ranthambore last year. The trip had 5 safari's planned. We got tiger sightings in all the first four! The fourth one was the best. We were so satisfied that for the 5th and last we went to a lake for sighting gadhiyals and birds. Sushil clearly knows his way around the parks and has very deep knowledge of wildlife. He tours are flexible and he takes care of all operational arrangements. Would highly recommend him:)

Esmail Samiwala | A day on the Laterite Plateau

All of us have heard of Kaas – Maharashtra’s answer to the Valley of Flowers.
Typically when one visits Kaas, including the Thoseghar Waterfalls and Chalkewadi Windmills in the planning is a good idea.
In the past I have visited Chalkewadi for the Windmills, for Karvi bloom, other wild flowers etc. This trip was more focused on Macro life.
We were a small group of 7 persons with Sushil Chikane and another local expert. Our spotting of different types of macro life was quick and varied. Some of the sightings included a millipede, Ghate's shrub frog, Indian toad., Centepede protecting a brood of eggs, saw scaled viper, caecilian, emperor scorpion, wrinkled frogs, brahmini skink, shield tail etc. Of course the landscapes, wild flowers and the local primates kept us busy for the whole day.
All in all, a very memorable day. Thanks a lot, Sushil for this amazing experience.

Sitesh Thadani | Ranthambhore Journeys

I did a visit to Ranthambhore with Sushil @ Journeys and it was an excellent trip. Was very well coordinated and planned out and everything was very well taken care of. The icing on the cake was that we saw 4 tigers and took some amazing breathtaking pictures. Highly recommended for wildlife and adventure trips. 5 Stars!

Pradosh Joshua | Bandhavgarh Journeys

I had never been to wildlife trips with any tour guides for any of my trips what I have done till date.
I meet this team in Umred and was really amazed the way they tackled the chaos of tourists in their private vehicles with peace and calmness in their mind and manage to get the prime location at the right time to get some amazing images.
I was in constant touch with them and I wanted to be part of their wildlife journeys and I did at last for the first time and I learnt a lot about the animal behavior, truth about the forests and it's infrastructure.
It's not only about seeing the animals and birds but the knowledge sharing what happens is a bonus what you get apart from the sightings.
I did couple of them with their team and I never regret the time I spent and I believe even you would feel the same.

Neha Panchamiya | Bandhavgarh Journeys

"See a tiger in the wild" is now ticked off my bucket list of 'things-to-do-before-I-die'

Just back from an amazing trip to Bandhavgarh! Thank you for an experience of a lifetime Sushil Chikane!

Everyone told me to alter my expectations because I've just been to Africa before, but I've got to say, this trip was an amazing experience and in no way am I able to draw comparison lines because they were completely different experiences!

And I have to say there is no way we would have sighted the tigers if it wasn't for Sushil and our crazy driver's tracking ability - so if anyone's planning a wildlife trip, you know who to contact! I'm certainly not doing any wildlife trips in India without this walking-talking-wildlife-encylopedia!

The highlights of the trip were definitely the tigers, the crazy off-roading, the night trails, the brilliant stay and company!

Ritweez Sahu | Mukteshwar Adventure

Another trip with Journeys, this time to Camp Kyari-Corbett National Park and Mukteshwar. This outing apart from the promised wildlife and adventure, offered much much more-with the quaint landscape and typical mountain air pushing us into a lot of introspecting and allowing us to truly be one with oneself. Many 'what-am-I-doing-with-my-life' moments were had; with Sushil Chikane's unbridled passion for what he does.

Kyari and Mukteshwar were beautiful and mind-numbing. The nights at Mukteshwar will forever be etched into my memories-physically watching the Milky Way for the first time was absolutely surreal!

And of course, its not just the places you explore but also the ones you do it with-our hosts were delightful, going out of their way to make sure we were comfortable all the time.

Looking forward to my next trip with Journeys!

Omkar Joshi | Kaas- Chalkewadi Journeys

Greeted by the meadow of flowers and the warm sunrise, we reached Kaas, known popularly as the valley of flowers, invariably we went about photographing the flowers! With some pics of Drossera plant and providing some brand new information to our brains, the ecosystem of Kaas was what we learnt next! Post lunch, Chalkewadi plateau was our next destination. Though conserving energy through windmills, it couldn’t amount for death of several birds inhabiting the place. We tried searching for saw scaled viper but bad-luck couldn’t find any. However, we covered up for the loss. Fan-throated lizard, Hemidactylus satarensis which was discovered just 2 years back was certainly a treat to our eyes! Something a nature lover won’t afford to lose. We were returning back and woah! Our lens caught the glimmer and then the glitter! There it was, rainbow added to the lush greenery making it an ideal scene to be portrayed! Finally concluded the trip with a trunk load of memories, lots of new facts and not to forget some awesome clicks.  Macro and landscape photography guide, Sushil Chikane, can’t thank you enough for the help. Kaas-definitely a-must-visit-atleast-once destination..

Looking forward to my next trip with journeys!

Akshit Redij | Bandhavgarh Journeys

So we are back from Bandhavgarh, which was my first but surely not the last wildlife photography trip. I had been to various others wildlife trips but didn’t enjoy like this one. Thanks to Sushil dada, I managed to experience it. Not only he gave tips about wildlife photography but even told us various things about wildlife and also gave us tips on post processing the images. 

We were group of 9 people with 2 naturalists, 4 doctors and 3 engineers.

Amit Ingle, a friend of dada and a naturalist was a major factor in helping us to get good pics. His knowledge about birds and reptiles is mindboggling. And being a mountain climber he too won our hearts. We hardly had time in hotel as we were out on safaris for most of the time but the service which was given to us by Gagan Sir and his co. was outstanding, no doubt they are ranked as 2nd in full Bandhavgarh. 

And the last one to thank is none other then our gypsy driver Ravi who manage to drive our gypsy even due to roster system we had other driver allotted but he only did it for Sushil Dada and us. Would love to go for another amazing wildlife trip with the same group.

Aakash Brahmbhatt | Corbett- Mukteshwar Adventure

A life changing experience! That's exactly what it was! Amazing time spent with the best of the people! And it was possible only because of the most unique tour guide Sushil Chikane!!

There were many things that were done, said and learnt in this trip!

We spent QUAA LEEE TYYY time in Corbett National Park! And that was possible only because of Sushil! Made new friends Amal Mitra and Shreya Siddharth Labhane! Amal you're the coolest Guy alive!

From being my tent mate to a guide, thanks for helping us and I surely enjoyed your company!

Adventures on the trip were breathtaking and I never imagined me cycling so much or even rock climbing! Thanks to all my friends and every person who was a part of this trip for making it so beautiful!

And thanks to Chandra Shekhar and his entire team in Corbett and Mukteshwar for helping us and teaching us so much!

The Sitabani trek was the most memorable part of the entire trip, but then who could forget the campfires!

This will always be the trip I'll cherish for the rest of my life!!

Kedar Potnis | Tadoba Journeys

Today I am sharing another tiger image which is very special to me. Want to share some amazing and mind blowing experiences of the journey with you all. From last one year I was desperate to photograph a ‘TIGER’. I was anxiously waiting to visit some national park. I had a spoken to few friends but sometime the seats were full or sum plan didn't work out. I lost hope to see tiger this summer. Due to some luck of mine there were last minute cancellation in tour to Tadoba which was organized by one of my good friend and naturalist- Sushil Chikane. So there was no second thought about it. I straight way grabbed the last seat and my journey started with- JOURNEYS. 

It was a group of only 5 people. The travel arrangements and food were excellent and not a single thing to complaint about. Finally we reached our destination, Tadoba. With all anxiety, nervousness, excitement our first safari started but no tiger sightings. I thought my bad luck of Tiger continued. I kept my fingers crossed. Our next safari started early morning. One hour was spent tracking tiger and finally one of the most awaited moment was arrived, the tiger was in front of me in water. I was relieved but still praying for more sightings. Next we saw different animals, other than tiger. Finally we were in gypsy with heavy minds for our last safari. It was buffer safari which was intentionally booked by Sushil as there was a tigress with four cubs in buffer. But chances were very little as since few days no tigers were sighted. We were tracking the tigress and suddenly one cub was sighted and there was a row of gypsy with no chance of passing as it was dense forest. Our gypsy was seventh in the row and suddenly all our prayers were heard and the cubs turned around and started walking back. They came very close to our gypsy. That was one of the best and most anticipated moment which I clicked. Thanks a lot Sushil Chikane for this.

Neha Panchamiya | Corbett Adventure

Just back from Vivan's first outdoor holiday @ Corbett Tiger Reserve!

I have to say I was a bit apprehensive before this trip because his previous vacations have involved only flights, hotels in cities and complete civilisation.

He took me by surprise, because he was not bored for a minute from the time he woke up till he slept by a campfire every single night, he roughed it out in the day, pee'd in the outdoors, walked distances in the jungle I could never imagine he would, got scratched, bitten and fell, refused to get out of the river and entertained himself with stones and pieces of wood for hours together.

We did walking trails in the jungle (and had a really close call with a tiger!), safaris, saw wild elephants and it's very cute little baby, lots and lots of beautiful birds, did zip-lining, body surfing in a canal, cycling through the jungle and a lovely walking trek through the jungle and river!

Vivan learnt a lot this trip and so did we..more than anything else, while bringing him up in a world that is so fast and digital, I am glad Vivan enjoyed himself and connected so beautifully to an environment that has truly become rare to access for kids growing up in modern cities.

Thank you Sushil Chikane and ...Journeys - Explore the Road Less Taken...for organising everything so amazingly (and especially keeping in mind that we had a 4 year old!)........ because Vivan certainly had the time of his life!

Yash Desai | Bandhavgarh Journeys

Bandhavgarh was the first trip I went with Journeys. Well, it was not just the jungle but the company that made this journey memorable. Going for safari with Sushil dada was a big plus point, his hands on experience about wild life is absolutely stunning. He and Amit bhai also helped many of us in clicking some “quality” pictures. Thanks to Ravi (our gypsy driver) for joyful rides. Along with rocking safari experience our stay at “TIGERGHAR RESORT” was ecstatic!! Food, hospitality and ambience were just perfect!!(Thanks to Gagan).  We stayed at the resort for 3 nights, time left between dinner and afternoon safari was spent in learning post processing and chatting. Special Thanks to Sushil dada for giving “personal touch” to our first expedition with Journeys. I will surely recommend people to make trips with Journeys as they are specialized in planning your trips and you will surely enjoy the company with Sushil Chikane.

Onkar Joshi | Bandhavgarh Journeys

Bandhavgarh! It was one of the most exciting trips for me. The jungle is blessed with a large biodiversity, beautiful terrain and highest density of royal stripes. It was none other than Sushil sir who guided us through the variety of animals and birds residing in the terrain by his spectacular photos and tremendous knowledge. Sometimes tracing the tiger by its pug marks, alarm calls from other animals is more exciting and joyous than just capturing its photos. Wish to go there again and again. Thanks to Amit sir for guiding us with photography tips and Gagan sir for the awesome service at hotel Tigergarh.

Ritweez Sahu | Bandhavgarh Journeys

I was a bit skeptical about this trip to Bandhavgarh having been to two such trips and NOT quite enjoying them. But it turns out, ones who accompany you on 'journeys' are as important as where you go to.

Bandhavgarh was beautiful with all kinds of landscapes possible- forests, meadows, rocky hills and marshy rivulets...teeming with a variety of birds and animals who never ceased to amaze us. The Tiger was just another animal from this plethora- which however deservedly generated all the hullabaloo around it. 'King of the Jungle'? I finally knew...rather SAW why it was called that.

I had my time of my life there and at Tigergarh Resorts, all thanks to the amazing naturalists in Sushil Chikane, Amit sir and Gagan sir without whom 90% of the stuff we saw would have missed our eyes. Their passion for nature and knowledge of the flora/fauna in Bandhavgarh was absolutely refreshing. Really they were the difference between a good trip and the awesome trip that was had.

Props to the staff at Tigergarh Resort...awesome people who took care of us like brothers and maintained the resort as if it were their home. And god.. was the food amazing.

The guys who drove us through the forest- Ravi and Neeraj were great..Neeraj giving us the ride of our lives just so we could finally get a good sighting of a tiger.

Omkar Joshi | Bandhavgarh Journeys

The most awaited trip, Bandhavgarh, with Sushil dada. We were a group of 9 people, including Amit sir as naturalist. Sushil dada had been so great on the trip that he gave info about each and every animal we saw. Clicked some amazing photographs of the most royal animal TIGER, the Banbehi female in Tala zone of Bandhavgarh. Spent almost an hour with this tigress and the only words which can describe my experience is "MAGICAL". This was the very first time I saw a tiger out in the woods, free...Resting in the bushes and not giving a damn to the people looking and taking pics of her.

Also I would like to thank Ravi (our gypsy driver) and NeerajJ (gypsy driver) because of whom we could see this royal female. Also thanks to Gagan sir as we stayed at his resort TIGERGARH, the entire experience was totally amazing and I will surely come again to Bandhavgarh for many more exciting animals that I didn’t see on this trip.

Pratik Shete | Corbett- Mukteshwar Journeys

This was the most memorable trip of my life as I could do all those things which I had been dreaming since childhood (like rock climbing, rappelling, body surfing, walking in the river with my friends n pushing each other in the water, cycling in the jungle,etc.). All thanks to my friends because of whom I joined the trip and special thanks to Sushil, the coolest personalities I have ever met, for organizing such a wonderful trip. The most memorable moment for me was, when we all just stood quietly looking at the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen. It was like heaven for me. I will always remember this beautiful forest and all the adventurous activities which I did with my friends.

Aman Chowdhary | Corbett- Mukteshwar Journeys

This trip to Corbett National Park and Mukteshwar was my first wildlife trip and I feel lucky that I got to be with "JOURNEYS". What impact this trip has made on me and my friends is quite evident when we think of the muddy grassy paths in our campus as 'miniature forest trails', when we constantly look around ourselves spotting birds and animals and following them. And the credit for such changes goes to Sushil Chikane - one of the most talented and most awesome personalities I have met till date. At the same time I am grateful to all the staff members from Kyari as well as Mukteshwar - Navinji, Chandra Shekhar, Pankajji, Jeevanji and everyone else for helping us throughout the trip and giving us delicious food to eat.

Being so close to nature- the night trails, the Sitabani trek, the sightings, the campfire stories, the adventurous part- rock climbing, rappelling, these are the things that i will cherish throughout my life.

And obviously along with the place, its the people accompanying you that make the trip unforgettable...

I will definitely continue to 'explore those less taken roads' with Journeys.

Omkar Joshi | Corbett- Mukteshwar Journeys

Another magnificent trip with Sushil, this time to Corbett-Mukteshwar-Nainital. This was my second trip with Sushil after Bandhavgarh. At first I was skeptical about this trip as I had been to Corbett once before but with Sushil it’s a different experience altogether.  We were a group of 11 including Sushil, Amal (youngest of the lot :P), Shreya, me and my 6 friends. The whole camping experience at Kyari and Mukteshwar was beautiful. At Kyari my favourite was the Sitabani trek through Khichdi river- full of fun, adventure, wildlife, beautiful landscapes!! Saw some amazing birds and also learnt to ID them, all thanks to Sushil. The second half of the trip was Mukteshwar. The freezing cold weather there made us sit around the campfire most of the times. Those campfire talks, laughs, ghost stories made the much more enjoyable. We also did adventure activities like rock climbing, rappelling, body surfing, zip line, etc. The most peaceful moment at Mukteshwar was watching the Milky Way. For the first time in my life I saw it and it left me awestruck!! I only wish if my camera could capture what I saw...

Lastly the hosts as usual were very delightful and made us comfortable during our stay both at Kyari and Mukteshwar. Cherry on the cake was Sushil helping us out with some excellent photography tips. Thanks Sushil for such a wonderful trip.

Varun Godbole | Rathambhore Journeys

Had a trip with Journeys last month to Ranathambore. Trip was of 6-7 days. We were total 14-15 friends including Sushil dada, Chikane mam and Animesh dada. Arrangements were really nice. We stayed in a great Rajasthani hotel. Everyday we had 2 safaris. Safaris were exciting. It was my first experience to go in a jungle and difficult part for all of us was to keep silence... 

Had great sightings. Saw 9 Tigers, one was seen twice so total 8 tigers. I was thrilled to see such a massive cat. Everyone was so amazed that even after safari we couldn't stop talking about tigers. Saw very different animal, birds. Leopard was seen by few of us on the walking trail to the Ranthambhore fort. Overall great experience. Thanks a lot Sushil Chikane and Chikane Mam for such a memorable trip.