Rs. 6,600/- per person

What Is This Course?

We got a lot of queries that people would like a short, online introductory course to wildlife. So we thought of bringing to you the JOURNEYS INTRODUCTORY COURSE TO WILDLIFE.

This course is designed to suit people of all ages, educational qualifications and interests. It gives you valuable insights into the field of wildlife as well as makes you aware of its various branches. Once empowered with the direction in which you want to head, the course opens windows of opportunities for work. By the end of this course, you can either join our team or be skilled to find work on the field of wildlife with our modest help.

Why Should You Participate?

- Certification from Journeys

- Basic 6 Lecture Course during your precautionary stay at home

- Understand the various segments of Wildlife and then explore them through our future indetailed courses

- Guidance from us to to choose future courses



Who Can Participate?

- Anyone who has an interest in the field of wildlife

- Someone who is looking for clarity about which branch of wildlife to pursue

- A person wanting to work with us

- Someone who is exploring career opportunities in the field of wildlife tourism, research, conservation, photography and cinematography

- Anyone in the age group between 16 to 65 years



Course Sessions:

A total of 6 Online Course Material with 30 mins access to our team for doubts

- Orientation for the course

- Introduction to Ornithology

- Introduction to Herpetology

- Introduction to Entomology

- Introduction to Mammalogy

- Introduction to field Botany and types of Ecosystems Online assignements on each topic!



How does it work?

- Each day the course material for each topic will be mailed to you in to morning

- You can go through it and block a 30 mins session with our team members to discuss the subject

- At the end of the day we will send you your assignement

- You can send the assignment can be sent to us by weekend

- The assignments will be accessed 

- Course completion certificate will be shipped to you





  • All Online Course Material
  • 30 mins per subject interaction with our team member
  • Course Certification


  • Personal meet-ups
  • Any indoor and outdoor sessions
  • Any kind of insurance/personal expenses, etc.
  • Anything not mentioned in ‘the Includes’