Rs. 23,400/- per person (3 dives)/ Rs. 26,700/- per person (4 dives)

The world under water has always been out of reach for humans. What it looks like and the visuals it holds has fascinated us. It was only when Scuba diving practices start, that common citizens could now experience the underwater world. Scuba stands for self contained underwater breathing apparatus. It lets divers carry their own source of compressed gas allowing them greater independence and freedom of movement underwater. The compressed air is a mixture of air and oxygen called enriched air or nitrox. 

This plan lets you explore Scuba diving recreationally. This is ideal for first timers and beginners to explore and understand Scuba. You will have an expert at all times with each diver to assist you during the dive. These expert divers are trained in the procedures and have the skills appropriate to host you. These include standard operating procedures for using the equipment and dealing with the general hazards of the underwater environment, and emergency procedures for self-help and assistance of a similarly equipped diver experiencing problems.

Our dive site will be Netrani. Netrani offers the easiest access to clear water diving in India, especially people residing in major cities in Western India. The visibility is usually over 15 meters, water temperatures are in the 27 to 30 degree Celcius range. The marine life rich of the region is rich and diverse making it an explorers delight. These dive sites have coral reefs, rock pinnacles and shipwrecks. The warm, crystal clear waters around Netrani Island, making it an ideal destination for beginners to learn scuba diving and for seasoned recreational divers to enjoy the challenge of deeper dive sites!


Accessibility by Bus: Murudeshwar Stop on Highway

Accessibility by Train: Murdeshwar

Accessibility by Flight: Goa or Mangalore

Day 1: 19/3/21:

Recieved at Murdeshwar at 7 am. Designated Reporting Point will be informed to you post booking confirmation.

Freshen up and join the team for an orientation over breakfast. Brief on SCUBA, dive equipment, safety protocols and plan for the day.

Gear up and set sail to dive. We start at at 8:30 am from Murdeshwar beach to our respective diving site.

Our day will be split in 2 dive sessions around Netrani island. Here, you will be diving with our expert dive team. They will be your dive buddies, leading you dive through the prestine waters of Netrani. Explore the world under water. Lunch on boat.

Head back to the camp in the evening. Join the expert for sharing information over a presentation.

Dinner and Stay in Hotel.


Day 2: 20/3/21:

Freshen up and proceed for breakfast.

Assemble gear and meet near the boat at 8:20am.

Start for Netrani at 8:30am from Murdeshwar beach.

We will be doing 1/2 (depending upon the choice of your package) dive near Netrani Island. This day will be spent exploring under water world and the species it holds. It will be a bit more indepth than the previous day. 

Dinner and Stay in Hotel.


Day 3: 21/3/21:

Freshen up and proceed for breakfast.

Return Journey Departure.

Tour Ends.


  • Stay for 2 Nights on 2 sharing
  • Dive Charges for 3/4 Dives depending upon the choice of plan
  • Dive Guide/Instructor Charges
  • SCUBA equipment
  • Boat Charges
  • Food On Boat (Light snacks like biscuits, Chips, Fruits,etc.)
  • Breakfast (Except on day 1)
  • Dive photos and videos


  • Dinner
  • Any food/drinks not mentioned in Includes section
  • Any Travel To and From Murudeshwar
  • Additional dives if requested
  • Any meals/ mineral water during the train travel
  • Any drinks (hard/soft) during your stay at any of the place of your choice
  • Any kind of insurance/personal expenses, etc.
  • Anything not mentioned in ‘the Package Includes’