We ENVISION journeys that become life experiences for our guests, are unique and creative.

We CREATE inimitable journeys tailored for the traveler, wanderer, drifter, explorer, dreamer, adventurer.

We are DRIVEN by passion, love and a desire to explore the road less taken.

We BELEIVE in being sustainable, fun, ethical and flexible.

The Company

Travel needs to ENRICH, TRANSFORM and INSPIRE. The traveler needs to evolve, experience and make MEMORIES THAT LAST A LIFETIME. JOURNEYS as a company continuously aspires to create life experiences for people across the world. We aim to INVOKE PASSION and LOVE FOR TRAVEL. We stress on the educational and inspirational value of every journey.

We have a company that is driven by people who have spent their entire lives travelling and experiencing nature. OUR EXPERTS travel with the GUESTS, always accompany the camps and personally tailor every itinerary. There is a backup team of volunteers and instructors ensure that QUALITY IS NEVER COMPROMISED and every guest gets the best of what is on offer. We love CHILDREN and have an entire segment DEDICATED to camps and treks SPECIALLY CREATE FOR KIDS. We prefer to focus on the EDUCATIONAL and EXPERIENTIAL quotient of all our journeys and a travel expert simply ensures that this is never lost or overlooked.

The People

Sushil Chikane

Sushil is an avid traveller and a photo artist based out of Pune. He has traversed India extensively and there's nothing he loves doing more. His passion for what he does translates into every one of his travels, ensuring every client experiences  and makes the most out of their travel with him.

With a cumulative experience of 15 years in the field in association with an array of organisations, In the course of his travels and having mastered in biodiversity, he has had the privilege to observe some very fascinating and rare creatures that inhabit the wildernesses. Additionally, his unique ability to compose images of wildlife in an artistic manner, gives them a unique feel and can be interpreted in a myriad ways.

Sushil's pictures have been published in some leading magazines like Heritage India, Saevus and Sanctuary Asia and in books such as the Reptiles and Amphibians of Maharashtra and Reptiles of India.  Sushil garners a deep love for India and a talent to be able to tell stories through his photographs.

Kumudini Chikane
Kids Journeys Head

An avid traveller, wildlife and adventure enthusiast, Kumudini has successfully toured with over a 1000 children in the past 20 years! Kumudini Chikane has been awarded Best Teacher by the Rotary & P.E. Society and is the principal of P.E.S. N.C.L Pre Primary English Medium School, Pune. With accolades of ‘Cleanest and most Creative Classroom’ by the Pune Municipal Corporation and P.E. Society, she derives her education style from ‘learning from exploration’. Along with her impeccable knack of handling large groups of children, Kumudini brings to Journeys her incredible management skills, her flair for providing enriching and memorable travels and her relentless ability to ensure safe and enjoyable Kids Journeys.

Ayaan Akkalkotkar
Senior Naturalist

A wildlife enthusiast who grew up idolizing Steve Irwin, Ayaan holds a strong affection towards snakes and wild cats. His trips to national parks as a kid made a huge impact on him and he decided quite early that this was his real passion. He has worked as a naturalist at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve where he also trained locals to become forest guides. A wildlife photographer par excellence, Ayaan’s photos have been used by many websites and organizations. Ayaan has also given lectures on nature and wildlife conservation.

As a Senior Naturalist, Ayaan brings his long standing affection and years of experience to the Team at Journeys.

Murtuza Chas
Travel Photography Consultant

A specialist in travel photography, Murtuza, in an ideal world he is forever on the road, looking for new adventures and scapes to capture. Not one to be content with accolades, Murtuza is a PADI certified Open Water Diver and a Beginner Skydiver too.   His longing to travel to unexplored places has taken him to many unconventional locales that go unnoticed by commercial tourism. Murtuza’s forte lies in landscape photography and he is also proficient in Photoshop and Lightroom.

At Journey’s, Murtuza looks after Marketing and Promotion in Hyderabad. He also leads travel and landscape photography journeys and conducts photography workshops.

Pratik Joshi
Senior Naturalist

Pratik grew up watching fascinating birds in and around his backyard. What started as awestruck observation, soon turned into a passion that transcended from birds to animals. This led him to study Environmental Sciences at a postgraduate level from Fergusson College in Pune. Having been a part of many wildlife research projects, awareness campaigns and training programs, Pratik gathered a whole lot of on-field experience which further captivated him to explore. His most vivid memory of wildlife study is in the super cold month of January at the spell binding Kedarnath Wildlife Sanctuary. He has also partnered on the study of the effect of tourism on Kaas Plateau.

Pratik’s idea of ideal life is amongst tall trees and fresh grass, and this has led him towards camping and outdoor expeditions which are a vital part of his world now. As senior naturalist, Pratik brings this zeal and prowess to Journeys.

Guneet Sharma
Travel and Street Photography Consultant

A software engineer by profession and a street photograper by passion, who loves to capture emotions and beauty of day to day life. A self taught street photograper who believes life exists in candid moments. Someone who loves to explore new places and capture everything that attracts the heart. Someone who believes in "Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."- Rumi

Shashank Pathak
Underwater Journeys Head

What started as volunteering for beach clean ups ended up getting Shashank close to his true calling, which was a passion for underwater life. A PADI certified diver, Shashank has also worked with the Ministry of Fisheries in Bahrain to document the development of marine life on a reef made of discarded motor tires. A chance encounter in Goa got him introduced to the fascinating world of Underwater photography and since then, there was no looking back for Shashank. A person who unabashedly prefers the underwater world to the one above it, Shashank has seen the most untouched and unadulterated places through his dives. He loves visiting new places but prefers to do his sightseeing underwater! His love for diving has taken him across India, Egypt, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Maldives and Indonesia.

This long distance cyclist, amateur wildlife photographer and self confessed bookworm wishes to dive till his very last breath (and that of his oxygen tank too!). Shashank longs to throw light on the plight of the oceans through his amazing underwater captures. There couldn’t have been a more passionate person as the Underwater Journeys Head.

Divyanshu Pawar
Geological Consultant

Coming from a Geology background Divyanshu wants to develop Geo tourism and wants to spread awareness about Geological diversity in our country. He believes in sharing his knowledge and travel experiences. Apart from just having Geology in his curriculum he also likes to collect minerals. Additionally he has been working with various NGOs like eCoexist , Spherule Foundation , Changemakers Today, Jeevitnadi.

Harshil Patel
Herpetology Consultant

Perhaps the only human who feels safer in the company of snakes, Harshil can be found on field conducting herpetology journeys along with reptile and amphibian workshops. A doctoral candidate of Herpetology, Harshil’s interests lie in studying Colubrid Snakes and Lizards (predominantly Geckos) from India. Apart from his work on reptiles and amphibians, Harshil also keenly studies arachnids and fresh water fish diversity of Western India. Harshil has published more than 10 research papers in various scientific journals in the field of herpetology. Harshil’s love for reptiles and amphibians brings a unique flavor to every Journeys vacation.

Aditya Patil
Adventure Consultant

Within a short span of eight years, Aditya’s love for adventure travel has turned him from an amateur hiker to a professional mountaineer. He found his soul in the Himalayas and since then he has made those mighty mountains his true calling. Having led more than 25 high altitude treks in the Himalayas and more than 200 outdoor programs all across India, Aditya has become an expert traveller and guide. He is also a champion rock climber, a trekking enthusiast and has done high adventure rope courses. With a host of professional accreditations like First Aid Certification from American Heart Association, competitive level Route Setting Course from Indian Mountaineering Association and a mountaineering course from ABVIMAS, Aditya brings his experienced expertise and eye for detail along with setting up and executing everything that’s adventure at Journeys!