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Upcoming Journeys

16 Nov 2018
Daroji, Karnataka, India offers the best bear and bird sighting opportunity. This tour is ideal for wildlife sighting and nature photography.
01 Dec 2018
Hornbill Festival in Nagaland is the best opportunity to witness the cultural diversity of the state. It is the best place to see and photograph the 16 Hornbill tribes of Nagaland.
02 Dec 2018
Supa Journeys, India offers the best grassland wildlife watching opportunity. This tour increases the chances for sighting maximum species of birds and mammals as we explore the area by car and by foot.
09 Dec 2018
Bhiwan Journeys, India offers the best bird watching opportunity. This tour increases the chances for sighting maximum species of birds by foot and by boat.

Past Journeys

08 Oct 2018
Nagaland will offer the best of the unexplored forests for finding the rare reptiles and amphibians.
16 Sep 2018
This Journeys covers monsoon flora and fauna of two lateritic plateaus of Kaas and Chalkewadi, Satara district, Maharashtra. It offers the best opportunity to explore the rain forest of Western Ghats. This tour provides the best opportunity to sight and photograph endemic species like Insect eating plants like Drossera sp., Ceropegia sp., Shield-tail snake, Saw-scaled viper, Bush frogs, Caecilians, Fresh water eels,etc.
16 Sep 2018
Madhe Ghat Waterfall Rappelling is every adrenaline junkies dream activity for monsoon. It's the perfect combination of a adventure under the supervision of certified experts.
06 Sep 2018
Desert National Park, near Jaisalmer, India offers habitats like sand dunes, craggy rocks, compact salt lake bottoms, intermedial areas and fixed dunes. Besides mammals and birds it's an ideal place to spot Saw-scaled viper, Monitor lizard, Sandfish, India fringe-toed lizard, Laungwala's toad-headed Agama,etc.